Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternatives

Every morning I would forward to drinking that delicious cup of dark roast coffee, but I have had to stop drinking coffee all together. I still remember that last cup of coffee I drank July 4, 2009, at 9:30am (is it weird that I actually remember the date and time?). I wish I could say that I did it voluntarily to improve my health or give you some great tips to quit the coffee habit, but I was forced to quit cold turkey (because of a medical condition and a visit to the emergency room). I thought about drinking decaf coffee as an alternative until I did some research and found that decaf coffee isn’t caffeine free, so I cannot take a chance with it.

After some research, I found a couple of caffeine-free coffee alternatives, they do not taste exactly like coffee, but they are a good substitute. The first is Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee. What I like most about this brand is there are so many flavors to choose from – because I llike dark roast coffee, I drink the Maya Caffe Herbal Coffee. They also have flavored herbal coffee, including vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, and more. The website used to offer a free sample of their coffee, but when I checked the page to link to it, it says that the free sample is temporarily out of stock. If you are interested in the sample, you can check their Free Sample Page periodically.

Another brand I drink is called Cafix Coffee Substitute. There are not flavors to choose from, but this coffee alternative reminds me of a light roast coffee. Because I have both, I normally mix the two together and the flavors seem to combine well (at least I think so).

If you are thinking about quitting the coffee habit or just want to cut down, you may be able to find these (and possibly others) at your local Whole Foods. I was able to find both products at my local Wegman’s.

If you don’t have a store near that carries the coffee alternatives, you can purchase Teeccino on their website ( And of course, Amazon also has a section where you can find a number of Coffee Alternatives.