Back to School & College Essentials

If you are heading back to school or going for the first time, there are essential items that you will need while you are there. I have created a basic resource to help you.

Click on the heading below to find basic tips, purchasing ideas, and a checklist for supplies every student needs for school.

  • School & Office Supplies: Find a listing of school and office supplies every student needs for school. Includes everyday items, basic school supplies, and office equipment for a dorm or apartment.
  • College Wardrobe Essentials: Not sure what clothes you will need to pack for college? I have a guideline for the types of clothing you will need (i.e. casual, everyday, formal), a checklist with the specific clothing items you should take with you to college, and purchasing tips for finding the best deals.
  • Dorm & Apartment Supplies: The section includes some of the basic supplies you will need for your dorm or apartment, includes items like an alarm clock, lamps, linens, and general personal care items you will use whether you are living in a dorm room or renting and apartment.
  • Kitchen Essentials: Whether you are renting an apartment or staying in the dorm, you will need to eat – and possibly cook your own food. The checklist contains basic items you will need for your kitchen.
  • Laundry & Cleaning Supplies: This section includes basic items you will need to do laundry in a dorm or apartment along with products and supplies to help you keep your apartment or dorm clean.
  • Electronics for Back to School: Every student needs electronic equipment, including calculators, a computer, etc. This checklist contains general use items along with specific items needed for dorm or apartment living.