How to Find the Perfect Dress

The right dress can take you from a day at the office to a night out on the town; it is all about the style of the dress. If you buy a plain dress, one with a neutral color and little embellishment or design, you will be free to add your own accessories to dress it up or down as you choose.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect dress:

  • Style of the Dress: try to find one with a classic style. Certain styles of dresses like the wrap dress and shirt dress seem to never go out of style. You should try to avoid bold buckles and trendy designs as they tend to “date” the dress.
  • Color and/or Print: if you want to wear the dress more than one year, don’t buy a bright or trendy color. Also, try to find a dress with minimal print and pattern. A loud print can limit where you wear the dress and what you can pair with it.
  • Length: the length of the dress is all about personal preference; however, you want to try to find a dress length that will flatter your body type. A dress that hits right below the knee seems to be flattering on almost every woman.
  • Fit is Everything! You can pay a lot of money for a designer dress and still not look stylish if the dress doesn’t fit you properly. A dress that is too tight. too big, or too long/short can completely ruin the look you are trying to accomplish. It is best to try on a number of styles to find one that best complements your body shape.

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