How to Find the Perfect Handbag

Whether you are wearing a tailored suit or jeans and a t-shirt, a handbag can add a bit of style and sophistication to any outfit. Because a handbag is a basic wardrobe staple, you want to make sure you buy the right bag for you.

Before going out and spending a lot of money, here are a few tips to help you find a handbag that you can have in your wardrobe for years:

  • Stay with a neutral color handbag with a classic style: a neutral color bag can match just about everything in your wardrobe. If you choose vibrant colors and patterns, it will limit what you can wear while carrying your handbag.
  • Stay away from bold buckles and big rivets: although they can add a touch of style to a plain handbag, big gold or silver buckles and rivets do not stand the test of time. If you want decorative accents on your bag, make sure they are classic and understated.
  • Check for interior and exterior pockets: if you like to be organized and have different compartments for everything (i.e. cell phone, pens, keys) you will want to make sure the handbag offers a sufficient number of pockets.
  • Size Matters: when buying a bag, you want to make sure it fits your body type. Look for a bag that complements your silhouette. The perfect bag will fit comfortably next to your body. If you are petite, you may want to stay away from a very large handbag as it will only make you appear smaller than you are.

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