What to Look for When Shopping for Wardrobe Basics

With so many clearance sales going on right now, you can find some amazing deals on basic staples for your wardrobe.

When buying wardrobe basics it is important to select quality-made clothing so that it will be able to withstand frequent wear and cleaning.

If you are not sure how to pick out a quality-made garment, we listed 3 of the most important qualities you will want to check before you make a purchase:

  • Color Saturation: If you are buying a dark color such as black, make sure it is a “true” black and doesn’t have a faded look to it. The lighting in some stores doesn’t accurately portray the color. If you can, take the skirt to the window and see how it looks in the sunlight. You may also want to compare it to another piece of clothing that is black to see how the colors against each other
  • Fabric Quality: You can tell just by touching the fabric if it feels thin or cheap. Also, check the label of the garment to see the fabrics used (it is also a good idea to check the washing instructions)
  • Workmanship: Check all of the stitching on the garment (especially the hem) to make sure the stitches are uniform and secure. Take extra care to inspect the thread to make sure it isn’t fraying. If your garment has a zipper, be sure to test it to make sure it slides up and down smoothly

If are not confident you can pick out a good fabric or workmanship, try going into a high-end store to look at the quality-made clothing they offer. You can even try on different items to see how they fit. You don’t have to buy anything, but with all the amazing sales going on right now, who knows, you might get lucky and find a great bargain on something that you normally could not afford.

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