Wardrobe Essential: Leather Handbag

Why you need it: No wardrobe is complete without a classic leather handbag. Whether you are wearing a tailored suit, or jeans and a t-shirt, a classic bag can make any outfit look great.

Shopping Tips: If you want a bag that you can take with you wherever you go, choose a medium-size bag (not too large), with classic features, no bold buckles, rivets, or patterns. Also, you will want to stay with a neutral color like black or brown leather. A classically-styled bag won’t go out of style and can be carried season after season.

Be sure to check inside the handbag for the number of interior pockets and how they are organized. If you like to have separate compartments for everything (i.e. cell phone, pens, makeup) you will want be sure there is sufficient room.

Wardrobe Essential: Bootcut Jeans

Why you need them: Boot-cut jeans are so versatile and can be worn with just about everything you have in your closet.

How to wear: Bootcut jeans are perfect with flats, heels, or strappy sandals and can be worn for a casual day of shopping or a night out with your friends.

You can create so many different looks with the right pair of jeans. Dress your jeans up for a day at the office with a trendy blouse and tailored jacket or go super casual and wear your favorite t-shirt and tennis shoes.

Shopping Tips: If you want a pair of jeans that you can dress up or down, it is best to stay with a dark wash, as it can be dressed up more easily than light wash or faded jeans.

Take your time when trying to find the perfect jeans for your body shape. You will probably have to try on dozens of jeans before you find one that gives you the perfect fit – but it will be worth it when you look great wearing them.

Also, be sure you take the pair of shoes you will most likely be wearing with your jeans. That way you can make sure you buy the right inseam. You don’t want to spend money for a great pair of jeans only to get them home and find out they are too long or too short for your shoes.

Wardrobe Essential: Black Pumps

Why you need them: A pair of classic black leather pumps with a modest heel will work for many different looks.

How to wear: The right pair of shoes can work with your tailored suit, jeans, or even your little black dress.

Purchasing Tips: Before you buy a pair of shoes, walk around the store to make sure they feel comfortable.

Heel Height: In order to find the perfect heel height, be sure to wear the pants you will most often be wearing with your shoes, or at least know what heel height will work with the length of your pants. It would be a shame to buy a great pair of shoes only to have them not look right with your pants.

If you purchase heels over 3″, be sure the shoe has a platform in the front so that when you stand, all your weight isn’t concentrated on the front of your foot.

Wardrobe Essential: Black Dress Pants

Why you need them: Black dress pants are so versatile and will match practically everything in your wardrobe.

How to Wear: The right pair of pants can be dressed up or down, depending on what you pair with them.

  • For a professional look, wear your dress pants with a matching blazer and crisp white blouse; the perfect look for a corporate interview.
  • Go casual by wearing a shirt and cardigan; great for a casual day at the office or lunch with friends.
  • Dress up with a trendy blouse, strappy sandals, and stylish accessories for an evening out with friends.

Purchasing Tips: If you want a pair of pants that you can wear with many items you already have in your closet, it is best to buy black. Brown or navy are also good colors and will match many things.

When buying dress pants, be sure they are comfortable and you are able to freely move around without having them feel tight. For a comfortable fit, buy trousers with stretch. The built-in stretch will make the fabric move with you.

Be sure to walk around, sit, and bend down to see how they feel. Make sure they don’t feel tight or pull at the knees when you kneel down.

Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe basics or essentials are items that everyone needs to have in their closet. Whether you have just graduated college, got a new job, lost a significant amount of weight, or just want new clothes for your wardrobe – you need to start with the basics.

When buying wardrobe essentials, it is always best to choose classically-styled pieces in neutral colors – that way you will be able to wear them with a variety of items you already own and wear them season after season, year after year. You may have to spend a little more money, but these items are investment pieces that you will be able to wear for years. Once you have the basic staples in your wardrobe, you can mix and match them with all the great trendy pieces that come out every year.

I have listed a few of the basic staples everyone needs in their wardrobe. Click on the name of the item to find out why you need it in your wardrobe, how to wear it, what you can pair it with, and purchasing tips.

  1. Black Dress Pants
  2. Black Pumps
  3. Bootcut Jeans
  4. Leather Handbag
  5. Leather Jacket
  6. Little Black Dress
  7. Pencil Skirt
  8. Strappy Sandals
  9. Tailored Suit
  10. Trench Coat
  11. White Blouse

If you are going off to college and are not sure what wardrobe basics you made need at school, be sure to read College Wardrobe Essentials.

Wardrobe Essential: Little Black Dress

Why you need it in your wardrobe: Everyone needs a LBD in their wardrobe. The little black dress is a classic wardrobe staple that never goes out of style. It is perfect to wear for an evening out to dinner with friends, on a hot date with your boyfriend or husband, or to that great party you were invited to at the last minute.

How should the dress fit? When buying a dress, you should look for one that complements your body shape and has a classic style so that it can be worn for various occasions. If you are short, you will want to make sure you buy a dress that isn’t too long; otherwise you will look like the dress is wearing you. If you are tall, you will want to stay away from dresses that are too short; a dress that is too short on a tall figure will make you look like you are wearing a dress made for your younger sister or daughter. Another tip is to make sure the dress isn’t too tight (or form fitting) when you buy it – this will allow you to wear it on those days when you may not be as thin as you would like.

Style: If you plan to wear your LBD season after season, it is always best to stick with a classic style without too many embellishments, as they can date your dress. Also, you may want to stay away from the strapless dress because it may not be appropriate for all occasions.

Purchasing Tips: Shop around. It is always best to try on a number of dresses to see which style best complements your body type. Also, be sure to buy a fabric that breathes, that way you can wear it all year round.